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CM 2016

  • Written by Simon

AA:PG Versus One day cup

  • Written by Simon

TWL is coming back soon

  • Written by CeparSo

It is very quiet in America´s Army EU competition scene. The AAPG Versus Ladder doesn´t run many matches at the moment and teams who are willing to compete against each other become rare. This could change very soon as the Teamwarfare League open up its doors again. 

Official words on the question if there are any plans for competition in AA:PG again by spetnaz the TWL AAPG admin:

"The idea was a complete project for a league series... however we are waiting for a league script to make it running.

Still, if we take much more delay, we are also preparing a backup plan for an alternative."

These are great great news for AA:PG, cause this could help to bring America´s Army back to life.  Check out >>>TeamWarfareLeague<<< to stay tuned. Team nais0ne.com is waiting for that coming back and will be ready to sign up again.

Team nais0ne.com

New AAPG-Versus Ladder

  • Written by Simon

More and more teams joining the new AAPG-Versus Ladder, which is operated since the end of last season by GSForces. For all the teams that have not yet registered on the new website, once again the link: gsfteam.com

Of course we hope that we will see all the teams, that have played in the last tournament in the current Ladder and wish all exciting matches for the year 2016!

Team nais0ne.com


  • Written by Simon
2015 has been a spectacular year for the Team nais0ne.com. Our Team has mentally and in terms of new Team members grown, challanged in thrilling new leagues and more...
We would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! We hope everybody takes the time to relax, kick your feet up and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.
For those of you who are travelling afar, we hope you do so safely and come back in one piece.
Team nais0ne.com

AAPG-Versus Grand Finales - Tuesday, 8:30 pm CET

  • Written by Simon

Only a few hours remain until the grand finals of the AAPG-Versus Gold Division will be held. Here our guys have to compete against SSK and prove themselves. Both teams are in the recent history of AAPG-Versus undefeated, what is indicating a exciting top match.

Played will be best of 5 maps. We will start on Spring Street (SSK) then continue on Siege (n1) with the first possible (3-0 / 0-3) match decider on Shadowstep (SSK), if neither team won 3-0 we will follow up with Breach (n1) and if the winner has not been decided at this point it will finished on the last map which is selected from the map pool of the remaining Maps Watchdog, Inner Hospital, Intercept und Red Line.

Whether our Team will succeed to win the prize pool of € 150 you can followed live. The Match start is at 20:30 CET and the complete match is streamed and commented by Son on Twitch.

Team nais0ne.com